Life message

At the start of some of my classes, I show the students an inspirational image or a short video clip. Yes, it takes away 3 or 4 minutes away from my lesson. However, I am teaching the students not just school topics but life lessons to shape them into becoming good adults. For future teachers, this method really impressed my teaching practice supervisors so it might help you! The pupils get into a routine of seeing an image or video clip everyday. They get really excited about it! It is important to remember that you are not teaching the inspirational message in your class for the day. I have never experienced this in my classroom but some pupils will chance their arm and try to get you to discuss it instead of teaching the days lesson. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

Above is one of the video clips that I have used every year. It portrays the importance of kindness. I think this is a very important lesson for the pupils. Kindness makes the world go around! You do not need a reason to be kind and to help someone. You cannot buy the good feeling you get when you help someone else.

We must teach our students the importance of kindness. After their parents, teachers shape the pupils into becoming good human beings. We have a very significant impact on our students. This responsibility must not be taking lightly. After, I have shown the image or video clip, I then teach the topic of the day!



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