Tips for the students’ well-being.

As Mental Health Awareness Day was yesterday (11-10-15). I want to show some well-being tips that I wrote myself for my students. I made this handout for a school that I was in for my 4th year Teaching Practice. During health week in their school my handout given out to all of the pupils. I also gave a talk to my classes about these issues. It went down really well with all of my pupils. I got great feedback and the pupils were really grateful.

Healthy eating


A deficiency in Zinc can cause acne in some people. Some foods that provide ZINC are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. Raw fruits and vegetables contain enzymes that boost the immune system. Try not to eat foods which contain dairy.

F00DS TO HELP with acne are Carrots, Eggs, Oranges, Apples, Fish, Pasta, Rice, Mangoes and Lean Meats.


FOODS TO AVOID Cut down on sugar and dairy.




Eat foods rich in Vitamin C and zinc. Such as oranges, seeds, broccoli, carrots, lemons and garlic.

Echinacea, beetroot juice and honey are also helpful. Drink plenty of water.


Brown Rice, Green Leafy Vegetables and Eggs are rich in B VITAMINS needed for a healthy nervous system. Omega  Oils and Vitamin D are also helpful with Moods.

FOODS THAT HELP Nuts, Seeds, Eggs, Oat flakes, Whole grain Cereals, Vegetables, Fish, Walnuts and Flaxseed.


FOODS TO AVOID Coffee, Tea, Cola drinks and Chocolate which all contain Caffeine. Also limit SUGARY FOODS.



Flaxseed (Linseed) contains Mucilaginous Fibre necessary for BOWEL Movements.

FOODS THAT HELP Prunes, Figs, Cucumbers, Psyllium Husks, Green Vegetables.

FOODS TO AVOID Sugary foods and Dairy products.



Room should be in total Darkness, as this helps the body to release MELATONIN from the PINEAL GLAND.

FOODS THAT HELP Oats (porridge), Kiwis, Lettuce, Camomile tea, Lemon Balm tea. Pasta, Potatoes and Rice.

AVOID Caffeine found in Tea, Coffee, Cola and Chocolate. Try to get Daily Exercise (not too late at night). Listen to Music. Take a Bathe. Write down any worries that are keeping you awake.

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