Inspirational teachers: Be the difference! See the awesome!

Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain shed tears on live TV during an emotional reunion with the teacher who inspired her to bake. Nadiya was visibly shocked when she was reunited with her home economics teacher, Jean Marshall, during an interview on ITV’s This Morning. Before the surprise appearance, Nadiya told how she got her passion for baking from her inspirational teacher. She said she never baked at home. only at school with Mrs Marshall. Nadiya said ‘We never baked in our family..its not something that is common in our culture’.

Nadiya turned to Mrs Marshall to pay her a heartfelt tribute: ‘It was you who planted that seed and said, “You know what, you’re actually really good at this”.

Every student remembers the teacher who taught them so much, who cared for them and who believed in them and who pushed them. Teachers make an amazing impact on students lives and sometimes they do not even realise how big the impact is.

So for all teachers reading this, be that difference. Inspire your pupils. Yes, it is hard work but it is more than worth it!

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As Kid President says ‘Teachers see the person we can become someday’…’here is to teachers that see the awesome’ in you!


William Butler Yeats said that ‘Education is not the the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire’.

Start lighting!!

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