Other teaching news this week.

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There has been some news about the fight for equality for new teachers (NQTs). Both the ASTI (74%) and TUI (90%) strongly rejected the Lansdowne Road Agreement. Teachers now need to continue the push for equality. The Voice for Teachers Facebook page is recommending everyone to contact their Unions and explain to them why they voted no and that without pay equality teachers should not be asked to vote on another agreement.

However, the Government and many unions consider the Lansdowne Road accord to be, in effect, a two-year extension of this earlier deal, running up to September 2018.

TUI President Mr Gerry Quinn said the Lansdowne Road agreement did not address critical issues affecting teachers.

‘Key to these is the atrocious plight of young teachers and lecturers who are paid from a lower pay scale and in many cases struggle in poverty as a result of low hours and insecure employment. Up to one third of TUI members at second level – and up to half of those under 35 – are in temporary/part time employment, with many experiencing income poverty as a result.To compound this inequality, new entrants to the profession since 2012 have been placed on discriminatory, differentiated pay scales. To continue to attract the best graduates to the profession, and to allow young teachers and lecturers to develop sustainable careers, we need to urgently return to a position where all appointments are on a permanent and full-time basis, as is the case in other areas of the public service. Additional measures are required to address this dire situation for the thousands of teachers currently affected.’

The Voice for Teachers Facebook page has a petition for wages. You can sign it here if you wish.



However, 65 per cent of INTO members voted in agreement when their vote was held pre-summer.


What do you think? Should teachers vote yes or no?!

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