Morality- Shipwreck

This is a really fun lesson that my non-exam senior RE class enjoyed! Morality is an important topic as it promotes plenty of opinions thus interesting discussions.

Learning outcomes:

  1. The students will be to use their new found understanding of moral decision making. (Skill)
  2. The students will recognise that with action comes consequence. (Understanding)
  3. The students will be question the impact of hindsight. (Attitudes)

Assessment of Learning outcomes:

  1. By completing a situational task students will practice what it feels like to face a moral dilemma.
  2. By casting a vote on who should live, the students will see that the action of choosing means the others will die.
  3. By holding a discussion after the vote, students will receive an extra piece of information about each candidate. They will be asked if this alters their decisions.

This class will be based around one large situational task. It will be taught, for the majority, by power point with teacher exposition and class discussions. The purpose of this is to make sure the students are not influenced in any way. I will begin the class by settling the students and reiterating how important it is that they work on their own/ in pairs. They must follow the wording of the power point. In a sense, it is a social experiment.

I will begin the power point presentation. In pairs the students must Think Pair Share remarkable human feats that they have heard of. They must also ask one another if they have ever had a survival experience.

I will show the student this video with the pre-question.. ‘Why is this remarkable?’.

Decision making:

To be able to assess the moral dilemma the students must :

  • Know how to select relevant information
  • Understand how to structure a reasoned argument.
  • Be able to write a reasoned argument why they should be saved

The situation is as follows:

  • The ship is sinking!
  • There is only one space left in the lifeboat.
  • Who should be saved???

I will give students the 8 people who are in looking for a place on board.

I will randomly select 8 students to play each role. The students must each present their case to the class. The rest of the class must vote on who get to take the place. If there is no winner they must vote again.

Each student must write a paragraph on why they chose the person they did for the next class.

In a twist of fate I will give a reason why each person SHOULD have been saved. This will lead to a class discussion.

To recap I will ask students to name the three things that will have affected their decision making ability. I will ask if their opinion changed based on the information they had and whether it was easier to make a decision with or without hindsight.

Voting slip: Voting Slip for shipwreck lesson.

Power point: Shipwreck lesson -making moral decisons.


Shipwreck.shipwreck 5Shipwreck 2




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