Some SPHE resources

Here are some websites and resources that I have found really good for teaching SPHE. Hopefully they will be of some help to you too! You can also use the handout I made about common teenage health concerns.
 This is ‘Lil Lets’ English Youtube channel. It has a lot of video clips and there is a really good variety! For example ‘How the Monthly Cycle works, Talking Periods, Going Through Puberty Changes). It features video clips from English celebrities such as Nicola Roberts (Girls Aloud) and Vanessa White (The Saturdays), English sports stars and English bloggers.
This is ‘Lil Lets’ Irish Youtube site. It has only recently been set up. It features video clips from Stephanie Roche who plays for Ireland and So Sue Me and Melanie Murphy who are two very famous Irish bloggers. As it is a new site, they will be adding a lot of new content over the next few months!
This is ‘Lil Lets’ English website. You can download a booklet about ‘Becoming a Teen’. The advice column has some good tips. For example having your first crush and your first kiss.
This is ‘Lil Lets’ Irish website. Like the Irish Youtube site, it is new and it will be updated over the next few months.
All images used are from Google images.

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