Inspirational video- Lessons from a Teacher

I love this video! It is great advice from an exceptional teacher. 

Here are some of the lessons that she has taught me!

  1. ‘Teaching is the best job because of the relationships you establish and the influence you can have. That is what you are there for’.

2. ‘A lot of time you can learn as much from the kids as they do from you’.

3. The highs are so much better than the lows you are going to experience’.

4. ‘It is a learning experience for you and its going to be every year that you teach’.


‘The power of teaching is that you can and do influence so many other  lives. You are not there to impart facts and figures. The whole thing is to foster relationships with people’.



The power of relationships in teaching!

 Relationships are really important in teaching. You must have a relationship with each one of your student”s. It is really important to care about all of your students. Young people are not stupid, they know whether you care about them or not. It’s important to respect your students. They must also respect you. I know all of my students by name. I always give myself 2 days for each class! I always achieve this goal because I am really strict with myself. Names are so important. How can you teach someone and interact with someone if you do not know their name?! I have learnt that by caring for each student and knowing all of their names and by having an interest in each student the students respect me for this.