Mindfulness is really important in the world we live in today. We live such stressful lives and we are absorbed by technology. It is important to be present and to live in the moment. The only way we can achieve this is by being mindful. It is important for students to be mindful as they cannot learn in a stressful environment. By being mindful, they will relax themselves which will improve their memory and allow them to retain more information. I set up and was president of the mental health society in college. As part of being charge of this society, I asked my college chaplain for advice on setting up mindfulness classes. I wanted to set up mindfulness classes as I felt it was really important and would benefit us and our future students. Our college chaplain got in touch with The Sanctuary
MINDFULNESS is a a form of meditation therapy focused on exercising”attentiveness”. Anxiety and depression are often rooted in a downward spiral of negative feelings and worries.Once a person learns to more quickly recognize that these feelings and thoughts are okay,they can intervene before depression sinks in.
There is no better time than to being introducing the concept of mindfulness 
than in the young people. As children get older,they start to live in a world of 
being told what to do, what to eat, what time to go to school and go to bed. This 
results in young people creating the ways of life that we as adults are so familiar 
with,  which results in being less aware of what they are doing right now. Being in 
the present moment can help us to cope better with situations and feelings.

Mindfulness is about learning to accept the person we are and teaches us that 
judging ourselves is okay as it is part of our human nature. It can teach us that 
if we are feeling now is okay, we are okay. It can teach us that when we are bogged 
down by past mistakes and experiences, we can move on and learn from them in a 
positive way, which in my opinion is a very important skill that one should learn 
at an early age.

To learn mindfulness at a young age is possible,just like a child can learn to read
or write. They can learn the power of the mind,they way it works and how to use it 
more effectively. Giving people at a young age the opportunity to experience 
moments of silence can offer a moment of retreat. A moment of calm which in turn 
can reap many rewards. 

I read a quote lately which i really liked "simply being,things that can be learnt,
techniques that are relatively simple but can be taught,can be learnt,
can be practiced". 

A research project was recently carried out by Professer Filip Raes. He had 
secondary school students follow an in-class mindfulness programme. Reported 
results showed that depression, anxiety and stress within these students was 
reduced up to six months later. These students were also likely to develop 
pronounced depression like symptoms. This research had 400 students aged 
between 13-20 and was conducted in Belgium.